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This is the cover of November 2010 issueSalt Water Sportsman Magazine - featuring Brian Stapleton's 47lb mahi caught on our boat during Spice Island Billfish Tournament 2010.



Grenada is blessed with deep water close to shore so run outs are often only 15 minutes! In fact our record is a blue marlin hook up 20 minutes after leaving the dock! Marlin fishing is our speciality but we are happy to target your favourite species! We generally troll skirted ballyhoo and various sizes of artificial lures when fishing deep water. Normally we run 5 lines and 2 teasers.

The main deep water species are:

Blue Marlin - boat record is 543lb
but we have released 2 x 600lb+ marlin

White Marlin average around 40lb best e100lb (2017)
Sailfish - average around 40lb best around 80lb
Dorado - boat record is 47lb (above)
Yellowfin tuna we have the Grenada record at 220lb
Big Eye Tuna - rare catch as mostly swim deep.
Spearfish (long billed) rare catch
Skipjack tuna boat record 30lb


Other species encountered include wahoo, blackfin tunas etc.




A cracking Wahoo caught from the offshore reef

Grenada has many inshore (and some offshore) reefs and shoals the edges of which can provide good fishing with varied species of fish. In some cases the drop off goes from 80ft to 800 ft very quickly and these steep drops are normally the best spots for a wahoo or kingfish. We troll skirted ballyhoo and small artificials on wire leaders when fishing the reef edges. At least one line will be fished deeper - either on the downrigger or with trolling leads. Species are:

Wahoo - boat record is 61lb
Blackfin Tuna - boat record is 25lb
King Mackerel - boat record is 36lb
Afican Pompano
Barracuda - boat record is 30lb
False albacore - les than 10 lb usually
Mutton Snapper boat record 11 lb
Houndfish rare catch
Jack Crevalle


Other species often caught include Cero mackerel, rainbow runners, horse eye jacks, jack crevalle, black jacks, etc.

Occasionally we get surprised when a shark takes a small fish - we landed a 185lb bull shark in this way.. 


Bull Shark 185lb
Bullshark of 185lb

New !! To see a photobook of catches 1997 - 2010 click here


B. Marlin E E G G G G F F F F G E
W.Marlin E E G G G G F F F F G E
Sailfish E E G G G G F F F F G E
Yellowfin E E E G G G G G G G E E
Wahoo G G G G G G G G G G G G
Dorado G E E E E E G F F F F F


E     Excellent
G     Good

Note the above guide represents an average year - every year is slightly different - sometimes the fish run slightly earlier or later than indicated here.

Captain Gary Clifford
True Blue Sportfishing
@ Port Louis Marina
St. Georges

West Indies

Phone: (473) 407-4688